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Welcome to TAFCE, Tennessee Association for Family and Community Education Clubs.

THE MISSION OF TAFCE is to strengthen the home and community by improving the quality of life of individuals and families through continuing education, leadership development, and community service.

Under the guidance of the NAFCE (National Association for Family and Community Education), local FCE clubs throughout the state of Tennessee are divided into three regions: western, central and eastern. Educational materials are created and utilized to strengthen knowledge and expertise. Resources are provided to develop leadership skills, enabling people to make a difference. Ultimately, FCE strives to make our homes and communities a better place in which to live!

For more information about Family and Consumer Education in your county, visit our County Offices page to find your local UT Extension Office.

Upcoming Events and Due Dates

June 1 CVU form is due to Sharon Clapp
June 1 50 Year Member to County Council President is due
July 1 Best of the Best application is due to Sharon Clapp

July 1
FCL application is due to Sharon Clapp
July 1 Creative Writing entries are due to Carolyn Thomas

July 1
NAFCE Conference
August 1FCL for Spring training applications are due to Sharon Clapp

August 25
FCE Day at the Appalachian Fair
August 30-31FCL Training in Lebanon, TN

Eastern Region FCE Officers

Joyce Ernst

Cumberland County
Vice President Elect
Cynthia Mishtal
McMinn County
VP Programs
Leslie Sharpe
Union County
VP Public Policy
Sharon Clapp
Anderson County
Fran Howard Picture
Fran Howard
Hamblen County
Marti Agler
Sevier County
Caroline Bales Picture
2023 Conference Coordinator
Caroline Bales
Carter County
Action Chair
Ella Parker
McMinn County
Barbara Nuckols Picture
Cultural Arts
Barbara Nuckols
Washington County
Carolyn Thomas Picture
Carolyn Thomas

McMinn County
Fashion Revue
Jean Cross

Bradley County
Pat King Picture
Communication Chair
Pat King

Meigs County

Agent Advisors

Kelli Roberson Profile Page
Kelli Roberson
Ext Agent III & County Director, Cumberland County
Meagen Yvonne Brown Profile Page
Meagen Yvonne Brown
Extension Agent III, Meigs County
Mary Beth Lima Profile Page
Mary Beth Lima
Extension Agent I, Blount County
Susan Ashley Conner Profile Page
Susan Ashley Conner
Extension Agent I, Hawkins County
Justin Thomas Profile Page
Justin Thomas
Ext Program Leader I, Eastern Region Office

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