Family & Consumer Science

UT Extension Family and Consumer Sciences is the University of Tennessee at work in your community.

Our top professionals in every county use research-based education to help Tennesseans gain knowledge and develop confidence in making good decisions today and tomorrow. Our success in helping consumers improve their well-being results in economic benefits for individuals, families and communities. Investments in UT Extension Family and Consumer Sciences are investments in your community.

Family sitting together with a laptop
Family Economics
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Teaching individuals and families skills for resource management and for building and protecting wealth over the life cycle.

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Health and Safety
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Empowering Tennesseans to manage their health and health-care and live, work, and learn in safe and healthy environments.
A community gathering of adults and children
Human Development
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Strengthening individuals and families through education to enhance their emotional, social, and personal development.
Various nutritious foods
Nutrition and Food Safety
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Promoting self-responsibility for health by providing research-based nutrition and food safety education to consumers.